Cedarwood Festival | Cedarwood Festival 2019 worship leaders confirmed

Cedarwood Festival 2019 worship leaders confirmed

4th February, 2019

We’re excited to announce the worship leaders who will be overseeing the main worship sessions during Cedarwood Festival 2019 as Matt & Abi Horner, Ken Riley and Luke Finch. Our worship leaders, with decades of experience, are based across the North of England, and are all well versed in leading people into the presence of God.

Matt and Abi Horner will be joining us at Cedarwood Festival with a team from across Teesside-based churches including Tees Valley Community Church and Taking Ground Music.

Ken Riley, now Worship Pastor at City Church in Newcastle, and previously of YFriday, will be leading us alongside the Newcastle, Worship in the City team.

Luke Finch, a senior leader at Bethshan Church, will be leading us with a group from churches based in Durham and Sunderland.

We wait with anticipation to stand together in unity and adoration of the King with brothers and sisters from many expressions and denominations based in the North of England and beyond.

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