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Leadership & Operations

Cedarwood Festival is and independent event and a registered charity based in the UK. The festival is overseen by a trustee board, and organised and led by a core leadership team, and group of dedicated volunteers across the UK. Our core leadership team and trustees are listed below.



Paul McHugh – Operations
Chris Cambell – Communications
Seymour Pattisson – Volunteering
Andrew Tatt – Media Lead
Abigail Boyd – Church Relations
Tim Cullingworth – Production
Andra Burdea – Prayer Co-ordinator
William Byng – 24/7 Worship
Vivienne Neville – Public Relations
Roland Norman – Retail Lead
Lauren Frost – Event Management
Andy Mitchell – Fundraising & Trusts
Helen Wilson – Event Management
Willian Olimpio – Active Lead
Fran Nguyen – People
Terry Young – Youth Lead
Kim Escalona – Social Media
Gwilym Davey – Social Media
Amy Hooper – Student Relations
Pete Gray – Kids Lead
Ali Gray – Safeguarding Lead
Sue Harrison – Safeguarding Consultant
Dan Lee – 24/7 Worship


Adrian Hancock
– Trustee & Leader, West Auckland Vineyard
Dennis Philip – Trustee & Professor in Finance, Durham University
Glen Macknight – Trustee & Leader, Hillside Church, Gateshead
David Stretton-Downes – Trustee & Founder, Cedarwood Festival
Karen Todd – Trustee & Director of Communications, Moorlands College

Regional & National Advocates

The list below is made up of denominational and network leaders across the region and UK, who all support the vision and act as ambassadors of Cedarwood Festival.

Elijah Kirby – NorthPoint Care
Phil Togwell – Oversight Team, 24-7 Prayer
Rev Dr Robert Ward – St Lukes Church Newcastle
Andy Frost – Share Jesus International
Sarah Yardley – Coordinator, Creation Fest
Revd Alan Dickinson – AsOne Network North East
Deb Fozzard – Sunderland Connect Network
William Byng – Co-ordinator, Burn 24-7
Gavin Calver – Evangelical Alliance
Major David Burns – Salvation Army
Pete Wynter – One Life Leadership
Roy Crowne – HOPE Together
Pastor Banjo Oluwatula – Kings Castle Church
Pam Birtle – Cornerstone North East
Terry Young – The Message Trust