Cedarwood Festival | Andy Bannister confirmed as a keynote speaker for Cedarwood Festival 2019

Andy Bannister confirmed in lineup as a keynote speaker for Cedarwood Festival 2019.

3rd March, 2019

Andy Bannister has been confirmed as one of the keynote speakers for Cedarwood Festival 2019.  Andy will join the team leading the teaching in the main tent for CF19, as well as deliver several specialised seminars and a Q&A session.

Andy is a regular speaker for Creation Fest and Spring Harvest and we are delighted to welcome him to be part of Cedarwood Festival in 2019.

About Andy Bannister:

Andy Bannister is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an Adjunct Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, speaking and teaching regularly throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the wider world. From universities to churches, business forums to TV and radio, and regularly address audiences of both Christians and those of all faiths and none on issues relating to faith, culture, politics and society.

Andy holds a PhD in Islamic studies and has taught extensively at universities across Canada, the USA, the UK and further afield on both Islam and philosophy. Andy also is an Adjunct Research Fellow at The Arthur Jeffery Centre for the Study of Islam at Melbourne School of Theology.

Andy is the author of An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an (a ground breaking and innovative study that reveals many of the ways the Qur’an was first composed) and Heroes: Five Lessons From Whose Lives We Can Learn, an exciting and fast-moving look at the lives of five incredible giants of the Christian faith. My latest book, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist (or: The Dreadful Consequences of Really Bad Arguments), is a humorous engagement with the New Atheism. Andy also co-wrote and presented the TV documentary, Burning Questions.

When not travelling, speaking, or writing, Andy is a keen hiker, mountain climber and photographer. Andy is married to Astrid and has two children, Caitriona and Christopher.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiM8ul3oRxE